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FISO Forum GM Scripts

Before describing the functionality, if you're actually saying "what is the FISO Forum?" then go here and find one of the biggest fantasy sport resources on the internet.

There are currently two tasks accomplished by scripts from this site. Below you will find all you need to customise the latest topics pages. If you want to improve on the foe facility by hiding a users posts and quoted posts then click here for the userhide script.

Over the years the FISO Forum has become very large and the number of separate forums is now well over 100. Many users are not interested in some of the popular forums (eg Fantasy Australian Rules, or even Fantasy Cricket) and find the latest topics view difficult to navigate when it is cluttered with lots of threads of no interest. However, help is at hand. All you need is the Firefox browser, Greasemonkey extension, and the two scripts below. Note, both scripts are required for the system to work.

Installing the scripts is easy. If you haven't already got the Greasemonkey extension, click on "Tools -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons", put greasemonkey in the search box and then add it when it appears in the results. Then just click on the two links below and click on Install when prompted. Then you are ready to go!

Stage 1 involves selecting forums to hide. Click on a link that says "Board index" or "List of Forums". Before each forum name will be a green text button <O>. Clicking on the button will add that forum to your hide list and the button will change to a red one <X>. Clicking on the red button takes that forum off the hide list. There are two forums which do not have a button next to them as they are not allowed to be hidden.

Stage 2 involves sitting back and enjoying a shorter latest topics list. Any thread that is in any of your hidden forums will be removed from the list of any search results (including latest topics, last 24 hours, etc.).

If you want to temporarily stop hiding topics then click on "Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts", select the "FISO Forum Hide Topics" script and remove the tick next to Enabled at the bottom of the pop-up window. You can also completely remove both scripts from here, should you wish.

And finally, here are the scripts: script 1 and script 2.

Disclaimer: These scripts are supplied as is with no warranty. No responsibility will be accepted for any side effects, although if bugs are reported every effort will be made to fix them.

17-07-2009: Scripts modified to work with SEO version of forum urls.

15-07-2008: Script 1 modified to handle sub-forums correctly.

25-06-2008: Scripts released.

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